seasonal-soundsHypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can help you achieve success. I smoked for 16 years, and quit smoking with the exact same session I now provide my clients with. With a thorough consultation session, one full length therapy session, and a CD…you are able to finally leave this harmful habit behind. We determine whether or not you are ready, because there is no sense in attempting to quit if you are not ready to. Once it is determined you are ready, a full therapeutic session is done, you are given a CD to use for support at home…and you are on a new path of health!!! I have a very good success rate, 3 out of 4 people are finding relief from this habit, and are very happy. Consultation cost is $80 (+GST). If you are ready to move ahead? $320 (+GST/CD is included) -the cost to end this habit, permanently. Maybe a months’ worth of smoking? Small price to pay for your health coming back to you…your body repairs itself, and you become healthier immediately…breath by breath.

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