Ceremonies and Events

At this time I hold two Ceremonies, the Inipi Ceremony (Sweat Lodge) and the Traditional Talking Circle for Women (Moon Lodge Circle). These Ceremonies were given to me by my Grandmothers and are considered Sacred, the space in which they are held, and the manner in which they are attended to. We are still filled with joy and there is laughter…however, each person will have their own distinct experience of the Ceremony and each person will have their own perception of its’ Sacredness as well. And no ones’ experience is wrong. These Ceremonies are a really powerful place to pray, sing, laugh, cry, and to give thanks. Traditional Teachings are shared throughout the Ceremony, and not all at once…as the Teachings are eternal. You will receive more if you are open to learning & understanding. Each Ceremony has protocol, and I help by sending out documents that I have written that explain the protocol. This is sent to anyone who has the intention of attending.
More detailed descriptions are given in the sections for each Ceremony.

I hold different events throughout the year. Classes for those who want to learn Reiki and Shamanic Healing techniques. I hold Medicine Wheel Workshops, and I train others how to hold those Workshops, and carry those Sacred Teachings. I facilitate Journeying Events for those who do walk a Shamanic path, and wish to connect with others. I also teach Intuitive Development, and Mediumship Skills. Each event will be described, and I will post the dates and cost as the events are planned…