The Inipi Ceremony – Sweat Lodge Ceremony

The Inipi Ceremony – Also known as the Sweat Lodge Ceremony

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The Inipi Ceremony is a purification Ceremony that comes from the Prairie Nations, the Lakota People were brought the Inipi Ceremonial rites by White Buffalo Calf Woman. The Cree Nations have their own way of following the Sweat Lodge path. My Ancestors participated in this Ceremony, and the Grandmothers brought this Lodge to me.

We use the Sweat Lodge to cleanse our Bodies, our Minds, our Hearts and our Spirits. This Ceremony was and is traditionally used to purify ourselves before another Ceremony such as the Sundance Ceremony (aka The Thirst Dance). The Sweat Lodge was, and still is, used in healing. It is also used before a Celebration or Right of Passage Ceremony.

Today the Sweat Lodge is also used as a Ceremony on its’ own, to purify our ways of thinking, to release emotions due to past hurts, and to connect with Great Spirit in a deeper way. It is used to heal ourselves, and our communities. Our Helping Spirits carry our Prayers to the Creator, and as we lay down our burdens through our sweat we clear the pathway for greater understanding of our lives. So that we may walk softy, speak truthfully, see clearly, love deeply and think wisely about our words, and our deeds. As one day we will become the Ancestors…

This Ceremony is beautiful, powerful, and not nearly as hard as most people think. And yes, it is our thoughts that create fear. The danger of this Ceremony is quite low, there are some who could be adversely affected, so letting the Sweat Lodge Keeper know about any medical issues is important. However, this Traditional Ceremony is often used to help people heal…so people do go into the Lodge with health conditions that they are looking to receive relief from.

**Consultation about healing done in the Lodge is done with a Traditional Healer, such as myself, or an Elder, and should not be attempted on one’s own.**

A Sweat Lodge Ceremony has four rounds, with a brief break in between each round. The Ceremony is about four to five hours in length, this includes helping with preparing the Lodge, making Prayer Ties, sharing in a Traditional meal afterwards, and clean up. The actual duration of being in the Lodge is about two hours. This is a shared Ceremony, and all are welcome.

The Sweat Lodge is a dome like structure, as seen here. This structure represents the body of Mother Earth, the shell of a Turtle. (also representative of Mother Earth) For the Ceremony, it is covered with blankets. If you imagine this structure continuing underneath the Earth, it would be round, like the Earth. The pit in the centre, where the Grandfathers (hot stones) are placed is the centre of the Earth. We are in her womb, accepting her healing Medicine, and cleansing to be re-birthed. There are many Medicine Teachings that come with the experience, which are taught through the experience, and at that time. ~All My Relations~

I do send a document on protocol before you attend. I ask that all participants email me, introducing themselves, and setting their intention to attend, this is so that I am aware of who is coming, that is when I send out the protocol and preparation. This Lodge is on our home property, it is not open to public “drop in” visits. Please respect this, as my family respects you during your visit.

Thank you~
Nia:wen~ (Mohawk)
Miigwich~ (Cree)