Women’s Moon Lodge Circle

ICON-feather Upcoming Moon Lodge Circle: to be announced

This Ceremony is for women only. A Sacred Circle created by our presence, for each other. We come together with the intention of holding space for each other, a space of non-judgement, and compassionate support. We each speak from our hearts, in turn, holding the Eagle Feather. No interruption, no advice is given. We speak of our experiences, and how we feel. We lay down and let go of the emotions that lie heavy on our hearts, we lift and celebrate our achievements and our joys. This is not a meditation on how we must make experiences better for ourselves…We share real life experiences by real women. And the power of the silent support of the group is amazing. We smudge (cleanse ourselves) with Sage to begin, and call in help from the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel. We end each Circle with a Prayer. We bring Sacred and/or personal items for the Sacred Wheel that lays in the centre of the Circle. We do not take notes, and we hold confidentiality for each and every one of us. And finally, I guide a Journey, a Guided Imagery, a small Ritual, some healing or deep relaxation exercise that is relevant to the experiences of the women at this time…relevant to you.

There are few Sacred Spaces for us to do this in…so many opinions, so many suggestions, so many interruptions in our everyday lives. This Circle is for those who are ready to take some time out, create a place for the Sacred in their lives, create a deeper connection to themselves, receive compassionate support, and offer theirs to others. We respect all spiritual beliefs, you may pray to any Diety you wish. With open hearts, we learn together…the Medicine in this Circle has changed lives. And I am honored to be able to provide a beautiful healing space for it.

~All My Relations~