Medicine Wheel Workshops

ICON-feather Upcoming Medicine Wheel Workshop: to be announced

I offer workshops about the Traditional Medicine Wheel Teachings. I offer them to community groups, first nations’ bands, spiritual circles and businesses as well. I also offer these Teachings in my home office, in smaller groups. I am trained to teach the principles directly, as well as trained to teach the Facilitation Program to people who wish to teach these principles within their own communities.

red-drimThe Teachings of the Medicine Wheel apply to all aspects of our lives. This model of living harmoniously with our environment can be used to guide people into deeper, more productive relationships with each other and themselves. Using the principles of the Medicine Wheel can lead people to more understanding of the cycles of human growth, creation, healing, productivity and unity as a community. The Medicine Wheel Teachings are not just for healing, or first nations’ people…they apply to all aspects of our lives, and to all nations. I am able to apply this model to many environments…creating a workshop that is designed for you, your community, your organization, or your business.

The facilitator training that I received was taught to me by Robert Kakakaway of Kakakaway & Associates. This facilitation program is recognized by Four World International Institute for Human and Community Development. In 1984-85 this organization co-ordinated Elders from all over Turtle Island (North America) to come together and create a model of health and wholeness that could be used by all Nations. These Elders came up with these Medicine Wheel Teachings, based on the book they wrote, The Sacred Tree. This book & model is used by communities internationally, and is highly respected.

Please contact me if you think that this kind of approach may be beneficial to your community, group or business. Let me know what you would like to achieve, and we can discuss the possibilities….