Reiki Classes

ICON-feather Upcoming Reiki Workshop: to be announced

During this Masters level course you can expect to learn:
-The History of Reiki
-How to connect with and channel the Universal Life Energy called Reiki
-The Reiki Symbols for all three levels
-How to give a full Reiki Session to yourself, to an animal, and to a client
-How to give a Reiki Attunement
-Chakra Clearing & Balancing
-Energetic Healing techniques that will enhance & expand a Reiki session
-Traditional First Nations Healing techniques that can be used to enhance a Reiki session

You will receive:
-Attunements at each level that will bestow the ability to channel Reiki effectively
-A booklet with each level that provides various insights and information about Reiki as well as the Symbols & History
-A Certificate showing each level of accomplishment

Fees for private Classes:
Reiki Level One – $250
Reiki Level Two – $250
Reiki Masters Level – $500

Students who receive all three levels will receive $100 off the total fee.
Payment plans are available, a non-refundable deposit may be required.
Group Rates are available as well.