Clinical Hypnotherapy

lake-and-treesI began my studies in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2010, and graduated in July of 2011. I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. I studied with Sherry Hood M.H., C.C.Ht., Founder of the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy. She is recognized by the University of Alberta for her integrity and professionalism, a member of the honorary faculty. Her curriculum is currently offered in their medical school there as an elective in their medical program.

I use Hynpotherapy to help my clients access the power of their subconscious mind. This could be the most powerful tool that you will ever use to heal yourself, or change your life. It can, it does, and it will. Hynpotherapy can be used for simple relaxation and positive visualization to assisting with birthing a baby to anesthesia for medical procedures. It is used to train Olympic caliber athletes, or to improve the skills of professionals looking for more success in their fields. It is used to control pain, chronic and acute, and used to release old emotional wounds, without reliving them. No added trauma or pain is necessary in this process.

Hypnotherapy is helpful in reducing, or eliminating, the symptoms of disease. Yes, one of my clients had no symptoms return after 2 sessions, his anxiety had been eliminated and once it was eliminated, the symptoms of IBS simply disappeared. Does he have IBS still?? Technically he may, but he isn’t concerned…he has no discomfort whatsoever and is quite happy with the results. So is his doctor. He looked up alternative treatments for IBS on the internet and found scientific research studies on the effects of Hypnotherapy on IBS. He informed his doctor, and his doctor said…why not? The results were terrific.

Hypnotherapy is a great tool, I continue to learn new techniques, and I am excited to be able to offer this level of help to those who are seeking relief from painful and life altering illness, and for those who are seeking emotional or spiritual balance. Yes, Hypnotherapy can be used for this too, Past Life Healing…Emotional Release, Connection with Guides or Helpers, and Deep Relaxation. I have used these gentle techniques to help people in Hospice care, creating a compassionate and loving way to help them on their journey through death. The gratitude of the family touched me deeply. They were amazed to witness the level of relaxation that their loved one reached, and they could see the benefits to her, immediately. This in turn, relieved their worry. Everyone could benefit from the session.

I have had opportunities to work with a few children, and hypnotherapy has proven to be a great tool in this work. Children are naturally open to suggestion, positive and negative, this is why they are so profoundly impacted by abuse. What we say to children matters more than many of us recognize. I have done sessions unravelling some of the effects of abuse, and building self-esteem and confidence in the child. This work is extremely rewarding, and is quite fun…I am good at telling stories, and this is a great asset in working with children. Children are very sensitive and sometimes it is necessary to teach them how to manage their thoughts and energy so that they can block the negative messages they receive in school yards, or as they move about the world. Parents benefit from this instruction as well.

I also provide a CD for each client that I work with, one specifically designed for your needs, this comes included with any therapeutic session. For those of you interested in practicing Self-Hypnosis at home, this is perfect.