The Health Issues

lake-and-treesWhat I am describing on this page are some of the imbalances that I have already helped people with. I am aware that there is more that I can help with, and those opportunities will come.

I have confidence in my skills…so…if you don’t find what you are experiencing on this list…call me or email me and we can begin to connect and see where that takes us.

You may be experiencing symptoms and not really sure what is happening. This does happen to people, you are not the only one. Give me a call, or write me, and we can talk about your symptoms and see what comes up for you. Reading my page about The Healing Tools will provide some insights as well.

*Please note- If either one of us doesn’t feel confident that I am the best healer for you? I will refer you to another therapist. Your belief in your path to health is the absolute priority.

Health Issues:



-IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
-Clinical Depression
-Phobias: Claustrophobia, Agrophobia…
-Chronic Pain: Fibramyalgia, cancer pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel, muscle…
-Increasing the Strength of Organ Function (successfully helped a client with increasing her Kidney function, so she could avoid dialysis)
-Weight Loss
-Loss of Memory
-Exam Anxiety & Preparation
-Letting go of Stress & Tension


-Depression & Melancholy
-Fear: Intense and mild anxiousness
-Releasing and Transforming Trauma
-Feelings of disconnection
-Feelings of being lost or confused all the time
-Rage, Anger Issues
-Releasing old Emotional Patterns
-Creating room for Joy & Peaceful Emotions


-Removing Negative Belief Patterns
-Eliminating Limiting Beliefs
-Creating Positive Beliefs
-Eliminating Fears & Phobias
-Building Self-Esteem
-Developing Self-Confidence
-Learning & Understanding your Gifts
-Learning to stand in your Power
-Finding Peace and Relaxation
-Letting go of Worry
-Understanding & Acceptance


-Feelings of Disconnection
-Chakra Balancing
-Energy Clearing
-Creating Peace Within
-Developing Intuition
-Understanding Spiritual Gifts
-Creating a Spiritual Practice
-Finding your Spiritual Path
-Mending Soul Loss & Soul Retrieval
-Removal of Negative Energy (home, land & body)
-Negative Cords & Thoughtforms Unravelled
-Release of Spirits (home, land & body)
-Power Animal Retrievals
-Connection to Guides
-Community through Healing Circles and/or Ceremony
-Past Life Healing
-Purification through the Sweat Lodge
-Healing & Prayer with the Sacred Pipe