Wise Counsel

Monique has always been a great healer and reader. She is easily able to relate to an issue and offer wise counsel. She has on many occasions correctly predicted future events that were to happen in my life. This included a reading about water radiation issues in the Pacific Ocean a few years before the Fukushima incident. I would highly recommend her as a healer and reader.


Sweat Lodge

“Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful sweat experience yesterday! I have been wanting to participate in one for years but due to weird health stuff was always afraid of how my body might react given some bad experiences I’d had in other situations. My health has improved greatly but the biggest factor in my decision to take the risk was your presence – you truly possess shamanic energy! Your warmth, compassion and lack of judgement of others create a comforting and safe space for all – regardless what might happen! Your sense of joyful humour appeals to my east coast nature as well! 🙂 It was wonderful to listen and learn as well as have the opportunity to offer prayers for myself and others.”

Shamanic and Traditional Healing

I’ve been blessed to work with Monique and her medicine many times – shamanic healing journeys, soul retrieval, negative thought-form unraveling, hypnotherapy, massage and in Traditional Ceremonies. She walks and heals with a medicine that has been earned through experience, so she embodies true wisdom and power. She embodies a genuine knowing of her place in the web of All our Relations. For me, her unique gift is healing in equal partnership with her client. Monique’s integrity, generosity, authenticity, humility and strong connection to her Spirit Helpers are an amazingly transformative combination to work with. Add to that her incredible love, compassion and concern for All, and you have a gifted healer working for Peace on Earth one relationship at a time. I’m so blessed that our paths crossed!

TS, Mission.

Sacred Ceremonies

To whom it may concern;

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed many of the sacred ceremonies hosted by Monique this past year. In spite of being so connected to the spirit world, she still has her feet firmly planted in this world as well. You’ll feel instantly at home and safe with her.

She’s a down-to-earth and caring person with a wealth of experience and knowledge. She filters it all through her good sense and profound intuition to bring the healing a person requires. I have benefitted enormously from her wisdom, skills and instincts. And her sense of humour too!

I love the soothing sound of her voice as she guides me through relaxation exercises or takes me on a journey. I can enthusiastically recommend her sacred ceremonies and healing services.

Deanna Partridge-David

Pain Management

I had pain in my head, neck and ears for years that allopathic medicine could not diagnose or treat. The pain severely impacted my quality of life.
Recently I saw Monique and she used Traditional Energy Healing techniques on me. Giving me a full head to toe clearing – and my pain is gone!! Whatever energy was there causing these symptoms, she simply pulled out of me. What a gift – to be pain-free. Yahoo! Now that’s freedom. Thanks Monique

Medicine Wheel

I had the pleasure of meeting Monique this year, at The Change Begins with Me Retreat at Edenvale. That weekend alone proved to be one of the most healing, transformational and enlightening weekends I have ever had in my life. The most powerful healing and medicine was received during Monique’s Medicine Wheel.
I can not thank you enough for your kind, supportive and healing ways. I still am feeling blessed to have met you and would encourage anyone who has not yet had the opportunity to work with, learn from or receive healing from Monique to do so and not miss out on this wonderful spirit. Love and

Light J


Preparing for a major final exam I was suffering from anxiety and low self confidence, I wasn’t convinced that I could pass the exam and then a friend suggested I try hypnotherapy. So I sought the services of Monique Wilson and after a few sessions she had me convinced that I was more than capable of achieving success! My exams went well, really well actually and not only did I pass, I surpassed my own expectations and did better than I I thought I would. Hypnotherapy was a great compliment to my studies, and helped me focus, stay calm, and retain information. If you have “exam anxiety“ consider seeing Monique to help you on your way to success.