The Healing Space

monique-wilson-workspaceThe healing space that I work from is in my home in Maple Ridge. I live here with my family, on a six acre property. It is here that I offer Clinical Hypnotherapy, Personal Healing, Women’s Circles, Reiki Classes, Spiritual & Healing Events and First Nations Ceremonies for all.

monique-wilson-officeI have a comfortable office for Hypnotherapy, private, comfortable and quiet.
I have a beautiful, cozy, larger room for Traditional Healing, Energy Clearing and Balancing, as well as contemporary Shamanic Healing. This room also hosts the Women’s Moon Lodge Circles, Reiki Classes and some events as well.

We have created a space in our backyard for the Sweat Lodge, and we have plenty of space on our property and in our home for large Gatherings. People often remark how relaxed and comfortable they feel here, and encourage me to open and Bed & Breakfast. (not in my plans…yet…smile) This is true, our land and home are welcoming, I believe that there is a positive energy in this space because of the love, care, and thoughtfulness that has gone into creating and caring for it.