Traditional Healing

monique-wilson-healing-sweat-lodgeThroughout my twenties and thirties I was introduced to many Elders and Teachers in the First Nations community, I attended Sweat Lodges, (the Inipi Ceremony) Pipe Ceremonies, Ceremony and Circles in Canada and the US. I learn from many Elders, I am not guided to learn in the Traditional Way that dictates that I learn with one Elder, or one lineage. I learn from many Elders throughout Alberta, Manitoba, BC, Washington, and Oregon…I have been instructed intimately by an Elder in the Territory that I live, honoring the ways of the People of the local Nations. My Teachers have come from far, and near. My training comes through experience, guidance, direction, instruction, and the Grandmothers. I now pour Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, hold Pipe Ceremonies for Healing, I do Traditional Healing, and I advise on Spiritual matters. I also clear people’s homes and land from unwanted energies, and provide instruction for them to keep the areas clear.