Energy Healing

I began my study of “Energy” healing methods at the same time that I began studying Aromatherapy. First I studied Reiki, a Traditional Japanese form of energy healing. I have received my Masters & Teachers Certificate for Reiki, and I now teach Reiki. I then studied the first two levels of Healing Touch, incorporating those techniques into my practice. All along I learned Traditional and Shamanic techniques of clearing energy…and finally I have begun to learn Quantum Touch, a healing technique that gets phenomenal and physical results, fast.

I am continuing to learn new ways of removing and releasing stagnant energies from the body & field around it, taking further education when opportunity arises. Energy healing speeds up the healing process after any medical procedure, provides relaxation so that the body can heal itself more efficiently and can relieve pain and boost organ function. It provides deep relaxation and is a great way to relieves stress, and relieving stress is crucial to any healing process.
An energy session can also deepen your spiritual connection to the Divine. I have been using energy healing techniques for over 10 years, and I can feel my abilities strengthen as each year passes. And my clients love it.