Intuition and Mediumship

monique-feathersHaving the experience and the Teachers that I had meant that I received experiential and instructive teaching in the development of my Intuitive Abilities. I do remember communicating with the natural world as a child. I remember being extremely sensitive, and empathic to the pain of other children, and I still am. In fact, I love working with children, they are open and do some very powerful healing for themselves.

I did not know that these abilities were gifts, natural and helpful. And, I was not taught how to manage them or use them in a constructive and healthy way. I was given a deck of the Tarot at 17, and I began to read them, in a positive and helpful way. I continue to use the Tarot for guidance and insight. I do this for many of my clients. In the last few years I have developed an ability to connect with loved ones that have passed, so I am able to do readings where Mediumship is the skill that I use. My Readings are deep, healing and provide information needed to move forward on your path.

I have created a strong connection to my intuition, and find myself receiving guidance about most of my healing work now. Intuition is not only a “gift”. Some of it is from common sense and observation, in fact, most people are intuitive. My intuition is very helpful in all areas of my work. I share it openly with my clients, using it to help in the healing process.