amethyst-shaman-toolsContemporary Shamanism is the study of shamanic practices from all over the world. It was brought to the western world by anthropologists. Michael & Sandra Harner were my original Teachers of this practice. Since then I have had the honor to receive instruction from: Rick Gossett, Betsy Bergstrom, Jan Engels-Smith, Christina Pratt, Tom Cowen…and many more powerful practitioners. I have done extensive training with Rick Gossett & Betsy Bergstrom. I have had opportunity to learn Buddhist Shamanic Ceremony from Lamma Wangdu, and to participate in many Ceremonies throughout the Pacific Northwest. I have been trained to do Soul Retrievals, Power Animal Retrievals, Journeys for Healing Instruction, Energy Removal & Extractions, Compassionate Spirit Removal, Removal of Negative Thoughtforms & Curse Energy, Helping Spirits Cross, Dream Interpretation, Channelling. I do any work that Spirit guides me to do in this way. I am skilled at taking direction from Spirit, and have a strong & loving connection to my Guides, Spirit Helpers, and to my Ancestors. Nia:wen’ko:wa~ (Much Gratitude)