The Healing Tools

shaman-drumsThese are the skills that I use in my healing practice.  I have listed the training that I have received in chronological order, the skills I trained in first are listed first.  The most recent training I received is described near the end of this page.  I continue to study and learn, this list is always being added to.

Because I am a First Nations healer, some of these tools may be unfamiliar to you.  So, just a brief description of how I approach the Healing Arts.  I believe in healing on all points of the Medicine Wheel, that is: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.  According to my beliefs, to be in line with them?  I trained in methods of healing that address all fours of these points.

However, this may not be what you need, or want.  I understand, not all of these healing methods will resonate with everyone, I expect this.  This is why I have trained in a selection of healing methods.  You may be looking for healing in ONE of the four areas.  You may desire an increase in your memory capacity.  In that situation, I would use my skills as a Clinical Hypnotherapist to help you access your ability to learn and recall information easily.  I will use the appropriate healing method for your situation.  If at any time you are not comfortable?  We stop the work we are doing, and do not continue until you feel comfortable.  Your needs are my priority, and your comfort is essential to your success.
autumn-flowersYou may really want a way out of the depression you have been experiencing, and heard that Hypnotherapy can help.  It can, so we embark on that journey.  Part way through you may discover that there was a trauma in your childhood that needs to be released.  This can be done through Hypnotherapy, through Energy Clearing, or Shamanic Healing.  You have choices.

You may really want the pain in your shoulder to go, think that Hypnotherapy or Massage is best, but…really?  Quantum Energy Healing works fantastic, and faster.  You may choose to give it a chance, trying something new.

Many years ago I recognized that healing can take on different forms, and that the path of wholeness often has different helpers on it.  Sometimes the path is simple, seek and heal the ailment that is bothering you.  Sometimes it becomes a way of Being, discovering a way of caring for yourself that changes your life, in a positive and healthy way.
I began my training with Peer Counselling.  Professional counsellors & Lay counsellors helping women train themselves to help the women who called a rape crisis line, and came to the battered women’s shelter.  I did crisis intervention work for six years.  I use the counselling skills in my work today, not as a counsellor, but as a healer and a guide.

I began to study Aromatherapy, the use of 100% pure Essential Oils (healing plant oils) and Lymphatic Drainage Massage to assist the body in its’ natural healing abilities.  I became a Certified Aromatherapist in 1999.  Essential oils are Mother Nature’s healing oils, applying them through massage is a relaxing and rejuvenating way to heal your body.  We all know the power of Lavender to relax, did you know…that Lavender is one of the most powerful tissue healing agents known to man?  Yes, so much so that you must make sure to clean and remove all signs of infection from the burn or wound before applying.  Lavender heals tissue so quickly that it can literally trap infection inside the body!

*It is very important to research the oils that you choose for healing, and learn how to apply them safely, as they can have contraindications that will affect certain medications, or conditions.  Best option is to consult a practicing Certified Aromatherapist for advice.

monique-wilson-healerTraditional Healing
Throughout my twenties and thirties I was introduced to many Elders and Teachers in the First Nations community, I attended Sweat Lodges, (the Inipi Ceremony) Pipe Ceremonies, Ceremony and Circles in Canada and the US.  I learn from many Elders,  I am not guided to learn in the Traditional Way that dictates that I learn with one Elder, or one lineage.  I learn from many Elders throughout Alberta, Manitoba, BC, Washington, and Oregon…I have been instructed intimately by an Elder in the Territory that I live, honoring the ways of the People of the local Nations.  My Teachers have come from far, and near.  My training comes through experience, guidance, direction, instruction, and the Grandmothers.   I now pour Sweat Lodge Ceremonies, hold Pipe Ceremonies for Healing, I do Traditional Healing, and I advise on Spiritual matters.  I also clear people’s homes and land from unwanted energies, and provide instruction for them to keep the areas clear.

Contemporary Shamanism is the study of shamanic practices from all over the world.  It was brought to the western world by anthropologists.  Michael & Sandra Harner were my original Teachers of this practice. Since then I have had the honor to receive instruction from:  Rick Gossett, Betsy Bergstrom, Jan Engels-Smith, Christina Pratt, Tom Cowen…and many more powerful practitioners.  I have done extensive training with Rick Gossett & Betsy Bergstrom.  I have had opportunity to learn Buddhist Shamanic Ceremony from Lamma Wangdu, and to participate in many Ceremonies throughout the Pacific Northwest.   I have been trained to do Soul Retrievals, Power Animal Retrievals, Journeys for Healing Instruction, Energy Removal & Extractions, Compassionate Spirit Removal, Removal of Negative Thoughtforms & Curse Energy, Helping Spirits Cross, Dream Interpretation, Channelling. I do any work that Spirit guides me to do in this way.  I am skilled at taking direction from Spirit, and have a strong & loving connection to my Guides, Spirit Helpers, and to my Ancestors….  Nia:wen’ko:wa~   (Much Gratitude)

Intuition & Mediumship
Having the experience and the Teachers that I had meant that I received experiential and instructive teaching in the development of my Intuitive Abilities.  I do remember communicating with the natural world as a child.  I remember being extremely sensitive, and empathic to the pain of other children, and I still
treeam.  In fact, I love working with children, they are open and do some very powerful healing for themselves.

I did not know that these abilities were gifts, natural and helpful.  And, I was not taught how to manage them or use them in a constructive and healthy way.  I was given a deck of the Tarot at 17, and I began to read them, in a positive and helpful way.  I continue to use the Tarot for guidance and insight.  I do this for many of my clients.  In the last few years I have developed an ability to connect with loved ones that have passed, so I am able to do readings where Mediumship is the skill that I use.  My Readings are deep, healing and provide information needed to move forward on your path.

I have created a strong connection to my intuition, and find myself receiving guidance about most of my healing work now.   Intuition is not only a “gift”.  Some of it is from common sense and observation, in fact, most people are intuitive.  My intuition is very helpful in all areas of my work.  I share it openly with my clients, using it to help in the healing process.

Energy Healing
I began my study of “Energy” healing methods at the same time that I began studying Aromatherapy.  First I studied Reiki, a Traditional Japanese form of energy healing.  I have received my Masters & Teachers Certificate for Reiki, and I now teach Reiki.  I then studied the first two levels of Healing Touch, incorporating those techniques into my practice.  All along I learned Traditional and Shamanic techniques of clearing energy…and finally I have begun to learn Quantum Touch, a healing technique that gets phenomenal and physical results, fast.

I am continuing to learn new ways of removing and releasing stagnant energies from the body & field around it, taking further education when opportunity arises.  Energy healing speeds up the healing process after any medical procedure, provides relaxation so that the body can heal itself more efficiently and can relieve pain and boost organ function.  It provides deep relaxation and is a great way to relieves stress, and relieving stress is crucial to any healing process.
An energy session can also deepen your spiritual connection to the Divine.  I have been using energy healing techniques for over 10 years, and I can feel my abilities strengthen as each year passes.  And my clients love it.

Clinical Hypnotherapy
I began my studies in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2010, and graduated in July of 2011.  I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I studied with Sherry Hood M.H., C.C.Ht., Founder of the Pacific Institute of Advanced Hypnotherapy.  She is recognized by the University of Alberta for her integrity and professionalism, a member of the honorary faculty.  Her curriculum is currently offered in their medical school there as an elective in their medical program.
shaman-toolsI use Hynpotherapy to help my clients access the power of their subconscious mind.  This could be the most powerful tool that you will ever use to heal yourself, or change your life.  It can, it does, and it will.  Hynpotherapy can be used for simple relaxation and positive visualization to assisting with birthing a baby to anesthesia for medical procedures.  It is used to train Olympic caliber athletes, or to improve the skills of professionals looking for more success in their fields.  It is used to control pain, chronic and acute, and used to release old emotional wounds, without reliving them.  No added trauma or pain is necessary in this process.

Hypnotherapy is helpful in reducing, or eliminating, the symptoms of disease.  Yes, one of my clients had no symptoms return after 2 sessions, his anxiety had been eliminated and once it was eliminated, the symptoms of IBS simply disappeared.  Does he have IBS still??  Technically he may, but he isn’t concerned…he has no discomfort whatsoever and is quite happy with the results.  So is his doctor.  He looked up alternative treatments for IBS on the internet and found scientific research studies on the effects of Hypnotherapy on IBS.  He informed his doctor, and his doctor said…why not?  The results were terrific.

Hypnotherapy is a great tool, I continue to learn new techniques, and I am excited to be able to offer this level of help to those who are seeking relief from painful and life altering illness, and for those who are seeking emotional or spiritual balance.  Yes, Hypnotherapy can be used for this too, Past Life Healing…Emotional Release, Connection with Guides or Helpers, and Deep Relaxation.  I have used these gentle techniques to help people in Hospice care, creating a compassionate and loving way to help them on their journey through death.  The gratitude of the family touched me deeply.  They were amazed to witness the level of relaxation that their loved one reached, and they could see the benefits to her, immediately. This in turn, relieved their worry.  Everyone could benefit from the session.

I have had opportunities to work with a few children, and hypnotherapy has proven to be a great tool in this work.  Children are naturally open to suggestion, positive and negative, this is why they are so profoundly impacted by abuse.  What we say to children matters more than many of us recognize.  I have done sessions unravelling some of the effects of abuse, and building self-esteem and confidence in the child.  This work is extremely rewarding, and is quite fun…I am good at telling stories, and this is a great asset in working with children.  Children are very sensitive and sometimes it is necessary to teach them how to manage their thoughts and  energy so that they can block the negative messages they receive in school yards, or as they move about the world.  Parents benefit from this instruction as well.

I provide Hypnotherapy on CD, or in MP3 download.  (See the section on Healing Tools for You.)  For those of you interested in practicing Self-Hypnosis at home, this is perfect.  I also provide a CD for each client that I work with, one specifically designed for your needs, this comes included with any therapeutic session.